Have a glimpse of the current problematic in Latinamerica and the world, also, have a glimpse at the diagnostic criteria and management criteria from the collegues around the world.

Suggest a world wide unification of diagnostic and management criteria  that allows to minimize the high mortality rates, lessen inhospital stay for this patients and to reduce the staggering costs that continue to hurt the government and personal budgets around the world.

“Every physician,however slender his talents or limited his opportunities,has it in his power to make himself useful to his profession. It is only necessary that he should carefully observe and faithfully record the facts that pass daily,for fifteen,twenty,or twenty five years,under his eye to enable him to become a most valuable contributor to medical science and medical literature. If this habit were universal,the profession,and humankind at large,would not now have to lament the many imperfections and the many incongruities of the healing art.”

Samuel Gross M.D. 1856